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New spam control measures, February 24

Howdy, everybody. Got a little more guidance from our developers here and I've as a result implemented a few new changes that hopefully will better control the spam and also make it easier for everyone to post. 


First, I've created some new bans using IP addresses. These won't affect any of you here. They're targeting areas where it's common that spam originates. 


I've also made a change that you'll notice quicker. I've lifted the block on posts that include any of the words on our keyword list. So, you'll be able to post, it just may include some weird little notation that there's been a word that's been filtered. But, it should let you post, though.


Please give it a go and let me know how it works, everybody. You can reply here, send me a PM here or email me directly


Thanks for your patience on this issue, everyone! 

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