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New spam tools in place

It's the day I've been talking about now for it seems like 1,000 years! We just got our new spam crawler tool in place. It's a "learning" tool, so it may take a couple of weeks to fine-tune its ability to recognize what's spam and what's not. But, it's in place and working. So, maybe...just maybe...we can put this thing behind us!


Also, I removed the feature that was forcing a **bleep** where any of the words on our "content filter" were appearing. Now, you should notice no difference in what you post at all. If you do notice something, it may just be a delay (this has happened with a few Ag Forum posts, largely because they're more macro-level in topic nature) in the time it takes to appear. I'll keep a close eye on it over the weekend and we'll hopefully be able to start talking about this mess in the past tense!


Not that this is all over with (I don't want to jinx myself!), but I want everybody to know how much I appreciate you all sticking with us through this issue. I speak for our entire staff when I say that, too. I'm flattered we have such devoted users of our site, and I hope you all will continue to be here for a long time to come! 


Thanks again! I'll update everybody as we move forward.



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