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Obnoxious LG AD

Someone better fix that over powering LG ad as it really has me P I S S E D


In the last 15 minutes of reading it has overtaken the whole page at least 10 TIMES and that could really make for an UNHAPPY


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Re: Obnoxious LG AD

Someone has to pay the bills.
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Re: Obnoxious LG AD

There are ways to pay the bills, like the big JD at the top of the screen, that are not obnoxious. Any ad that offends is toxic for corporate image, LG should be gettting paid for allowing someone to destroy their image.


And, the higher ups will wonder why site traffic has declined. As traffic declines, revenues decline, so both lose, the advertiser and the site. This is negatively affecting Suc Farming's image as well.


It is just pathetic ad strategy.