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Posting problems

Down below there is a post about posting problems

It said if you have specific problems about software, to go to somebody?? [I forget the proper name, my apologies]

Well I looked all over that page and I could not find any place to reply

So: was that thread not intended to have anybody reply on that page about anything

Was it supposed to be all about software problems, which I know nothing about software, so how would I know if it was a software problem

The thread told me, rather plainly, who the person was etc. but I could not find my way to that person

Maybe I am really stupid about using this site, but man is it ever the most unfriendly user site I ever go to

Why am I doing a seperate post. This should not be happening

Beecause I know of no other way nor can I find the proper place to say what my problem is

It isn't a soft ware problem

It is the folks that designed this whole system

Throw it away and get a more user friendly method. We don't know how to use this site. We are mostly amateurs

I still can't find the piece I posted last night in a different section

Is that a software probblem

I don't think so. I think it is so complicated that I can't find my way around

I think the whole site is so hard to use that nobody has the time or patience to come here any more

Does anybody read our problems and give any indication that we contributed something

I see the whole part about the replies disappeared. Why did that happen

What was so bad about leaving them there for some comments

Maybe I am the only person with a problem, and if so, then somebody should tell me to learn a lot more about computers or don't visit this site 

That way I will know I am the only stupid computer person on this site, that is trying to say something

If folks don't like what I am saying then I will go away. I don't have a problem about being gone

Seems like a lot have already left

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Re: Posting problems

glassfo said : Maybe I am the only person with a problem  -  SO glassfo - are you a farmer ??? I'm just say'n' here - remember the parts run and you sit the part down on the counter and the parts guys just stares at it for  a second - and then says - boy thats the first time I ever seen that break - sort of like this site - lol 


I agree with ?? is this a post or a reply ? I guess its a reply to you - right ? Anyway - I did the same as you - sort of - I could post a PM ok so thought I would send Jeff or Mike a PM to report the problem - as you , couldn't find anything .


You may have hit on something thuo - maybe I also need to take a advanced class on computers - there has to be a better way to work on this thing other than hiting the keyboard with my fist ! This newer HP is a lot stronger than the last one - it hardly shows the dip in the middle of the keyboard when I took my fustration out on it just the other day - really I think I hate these things more every day - lol 


Well I better get - as I have had a lot of trouble with Frontier - as my inter net provider - what a POS ! About time for me to get kicked off - I guess its a system over load


Everybody have a great day !

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Re: Posting problems

This is a test - to see if things are working

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