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What can be done to revive this site?  Several are keeping it on life support.  What can prevent others from leaving altogether, and/or attract more participants?  Regular viewership appears to be down, as is clearly a downtrend in participation over the past few months.


I don't really have problems with the ads.  I do recall liking some older versions of the way this site worked, then disliking the newer versions, yet became accustomed to them.  Since I'm actually viewing and typing on my laptop, and not directly on my iPhone, I haven't really experienced too many problems using viewing this site.


Still, something, maybe multiple things, have driven away many previous regulars, at least from posting, and maybe altogether.  What were those things? 


-- incompatibility with phones?

-- intrusive ads, hard to get rid of or turn off ads, annoying roll-over ads, internet data-hog ads?

-- comments attacking the poster instead of discussing the message?

-- messages seemingly confirming how ignorant the rest of us might be?

-- over-zealous monitoring?

-- getting blocked from posting for no apparent reason???


All opinions are based on something, be it factual, intuitive, or just mentally deduced from various sources and experiences.  The more opinions expressed, the better for all of us to formulate our own, regardless of the subject, market, timing, etc.


Actually, I don't really know, yet [originally] expect there was just some technical difficulty that will get fixed.  Who knows.  I also tried posting something in the "help" section, but it wouldn't let me.  Obviously, the system is letting me edit this post, just unable to post anything new.  


Problems continuing -- am assuming it isn't a glitch in the system.


Bye everyone!


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Re: Sunday (posting problems)

I think it very difficult to overstate the chilling impact of the in your face offensive ads.


As well, sharing on internet sites is a fad that will come and go.


Finally, site traffic is a VERY reliable indicator of market psychology. Things are close to a low in commodiities.


fwiw, our site and annual meeting continue to enjoy record numbers of participants.


In the end, it is most likely all about farmer psyche, average yields, below average price, early fall folks have more important things to do than spend time talking about grain prices, which aren't doing much anyway.  🙂



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Re: Sunday (posting problems)

So Time what is the cost to access your site. Tell me when we hit 10 dollar beans and I'm all in.
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Re: Sunday (posting problems)

Threads disappearing appears to be one problem.  FWIW,   For a site that supposedly promotes successful really has not for quite some time now.

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Re: Problems

just one post per day keeps the internet cops away


Hey it worked!  That's number 2!

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Re: Problems

I have been reading the info on this site for years but still feel I can't contribute anything valuable (still too much to learn).  For me, I don't care about comments attacking other posters, incompatibilities or messages of how ignorant I might be.  I believe everyone can share their opinion and it's up to the rest of us to take what we want from that conversation.


I really hate the annoying ads, but I think the final blow was the overzealous monitoring. 


I still visit this site almost daily because I still find value in what most posters say on here but I do miss the people that have left.

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Re: Problems

If you are wondering WHY - posting has been down some - It may be that people CAN'T post on here - we CAN try - BUT it pop's up that there is an ERROR ! Yes I know - Izzie May not know all english - YET - AS you only trained him what to look for - which any kid could do - Somebody did post the problem down it the bad section - with a lmao - BUT I guess you guys are too worried about your new marketing line - to look anywhere else .


You know - I don't know whats going on with some of the web sites - but they are all going in the same direction - and that would be too he11 !


Before long - the only people reading - or I should say the only ones posting on here will be you Mod,s  - 


Just thought you MIGHT want to know





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Re: Problems

1: Why would I want an e-mail when somebody responds to a post or reply I may make

The 1st thing I have to remember to do, is eliminate that box. My wife was wondering where all the e-mail was coming from, as if we don't have enough already. If there is a good reason for that box, please explain, otherwise get rid of it. My wife has fits every time she sees this e-mail that she has no idea where it came from, when I forget. It's best to stay on her good side, if I want to come here and do something.

2:  This site is absolutely the most unfriendly user site of any forum I visit. There is stuff for this and that that is so complicated to access that us people that are barely literate computer users can not even fathom how to use it. Most of it I could care less what it says. This site used to have a chat room for marketing, and it got a lot of traffic. Then, it got so complicated, I could not even use this site. Why make stuff so hard to use  [KISS]

3: No idea why, but I do not have the pop up ads you all complain about. I do have software installed to sort out the junk pop ups, so maybe that is why it is not an issue with me, but I can see how many would not want to use this site. Sort of like getting a  phone call selling doors and windows during the supper hour, when you want to eat, not answer the telephone.. We have too much unsolicited advertisements already. Why so much?? Other forums seem to survive with out all the ads, so what are thery doing differently?? Seems to work for them

4: When this site was changed I could not post or reply. A message would come up telling me to enter my password. Well I had a password for ages and then all of a sudden I have to remember what it was. I forgot. So I send a message to the proper place asking for my password. Not sure exactly where I sent it, but believe me, I tried everything I could think of doing, but the same answer always came back, as I remember it, that my password was already in the system and just post or do what ever you want.

Well, a fat lot of good that did me. I tried my best to explain, but always got the same sort of form letter, if that term applies to the computer world. I think you know what I mean, by way of reply always being the same.

Anyway, no personal interaction except this same form letter response, when I asked for help

This went on for about a yr. and then as if by magic, I could reply

Then a few months later I could post

Why?? I have no idea but the lack of the personal touch and my problem, that was answered by the same form letter, was most discouraging. It seemed as if I was dealing with an out of space something from a cloud, that did not care to ask me a question and get really personal, until I had the problem solved. It made me feel really stupid. Made me feel as if I did not mean enough, for somebody to try and answer, so I could actually talk to somebody, even if on the computer

5: I expect there are a lot of folks like me that are barely able to do the most basic of computer functions. I have already alluded to this, but keep it simple, stupid [KISS]. I am talking about my ability to use this forum, not anybody else

6: As of now, my screen says I am replying to ECIN. Well, I am not replying to ECIN, but that is how I read my screen. I am replying to the original post or thread, not any one posterr.. What does that bit about TAGS and unerneath it Message Tags mean

KISS I don't want, understand or need that stuff.

When I am done with this thing, it really has become a "thing" I have a choice or either click on Cancel or Post. Cancel I understand, but what does post mean, when I should see "reply". I have no idea what will happen when I hit "post" as I see no  other choice, so lets see what happens. The wonders of this site. You never know what to expect.

Enough said from the peanut gallery, but you asked


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