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Pict taken about 1:30 today


Did something on my bucket list last week. Put a few taps in a few Maple trees. All we have here are Silver Maples. Day before yesterday was the only day much sap ran. Got 4 gallons of jucice. = not much syrip. Had some on french toast this morning . WOW


Has just a little different flavor than store bought. Might have been the finish on the cooking or just local variation. Yes it is maple but with a tinge of carmel flavor.




"cooked" it yesterday afternoon, if I am going to do much of this, the system is going to need upgraded. Have never done it before.


Only thought about netting 1 or two gallons. might need to reset the sights a little lower.


Cooled off and the sap quit running. Supposed to be the right combo later in the week.


Canook or others have suggestions or advice?


Just started snowing big time here, supposed to get maybe 6 inches on top of the mud from the rain yesterday and last night. OH joy.

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