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Site problems

Guys, this is not a complaint, but will hopefully ake you aware of frustrations your posters are experiencing. I found a message to me on FB this morning, from our dear friend mike se il, saying that he's given up on the site.

I have encouraged him to email you folks about this issue, and I am having several with the way the site isn't working as you intended lately, too.

Lots of times, it opens in a linear menu, instead of its normal display. Repeated logins may eventually let you post that day, or they may not. Popups can mask out the pulldown menu for the various boards, so the only way you can navigate the site then is to go
back to the homepage. Posting is a hit- or- miss process...sometimes, the post just sits there, sometimes it cycles back to you as a blank box...sometimes ?!?!

These issues seem independent of device of ISP posting with/ from. I asked mike if that could be his issue, but from his reply, I am sure it's not. I have problems more with iPad, but I only go into the office a couple times a week most weeks, so cannot say if the computer there does any better.

Both my Hughesnet and DROID Verizonbased server can evidence errors, so I think Mike is right...the problem has to be the site, or the Internet in general. For the first time I can ever recall, amazon started acting screwy this past week or so, too.

Can you guys shed some light on this subject? I hate to see us lose loyal members of our community, especially if this is a simple software fix. ( Okay, I know that phrase may be an oxymoron....)

Internet in general.
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Re: Site problems

Kay and others: Yes, we are having registration problems from time to time. It's been an intermittent issue for a while. I think we're zeroing in on the problem now. I've written Mike and apologized for the inconvenience. And we apologize to everyone who's been experiencing the problem.  It's been a bear, but there may be an end in sight. -- John

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