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Spam update

Good morning and an early Happy New Year to everybody! Wanted to share a quick update with you on the spam situation. We've been hit by another wave, but have clamped down on it. The control measures are helping, and we're keeping an eye on it. Thanks for your continued patience on this! We'll get it knocked down eventually!


I did just go in and remove a handful of the content filter keywords, so many of those messages that some of you may have had get bounced out by the system on account of those words will now be okay. There is one bug in the system yet -- one for which I'm working on a solution -- and that's when you post and include a word on the content filter keyword list, instead of seeing the alert saying you have done so, you see the flood control violation alert. That is a bug. So, if you get that alert, it's in error. I'm working on a solution to that right now.


So, hopefully we can lighten our grip on the reins here and let the pony run a little harder. As always, please let me know if you have any issues or questions. Shoot me an email!


Thanks again for your patience and understanding on this spam issue. We're lucky to have such a darn great community here, and I want to make sure you still feel welcome as a part of this community! 



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