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What is your go-to SEO learning resource?

I am curious as to what other peoples go-to learning resource is? For my I am still pretty fresh with only a year under my belt so I just Google all my problems but is there like one place you guys know will contain some really valuable information? A blog, some backcorner of the internet, even a book or piece of digital media or course? What are your thoughts?

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Re: What is your go-to SEO learning resource?

I think that in today's world, information needs to be carefully analyzed. There is a lot of information on the Internet that is not true. For me, the most reliable source of information is my friends and acquaintances. Each person is knowledgeable in one area or another, and if I have any difficulties, they are happy to help me. When I need help with plumbing, I call my friend Oliver, and he tells me what to do. Once I created a website, I did not know how to advertise it appropriately; my friend Helen sent me the link and said, come in, you will understand everything. Now my site is a success.

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