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Boar with ear infection

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I have a couple SPF boars in with 16 gilts, they`re pretty much bred, the easy ones twice  Smiley Happy  But a week ago one of the boars comes over at feeding time with his head cocked to one side, I had never quite seen anything like it you think `oh he`ll be better tomorrow` well he got worse rapidly.  He couldn`t stand, the ears got to do with balance, thought what the heck? Well I put him on 5ML of Penicillin and hand watered and fed him in the gilt pen and helped him stagger around, the other boar and gilts left him alone.  I really figured I`d end up shooting him, but after 3 days he came out on his own, ate with the others and drank water like a son of a first I saw him I thought it was the other boar going to heck too.  the night before, I wouldn`t have given a plug nickel for him, that morning he was at least worth a nickel.   I looked up at the blue sky and thanked God.


Well, about a week has gone by and his neck is still a little crooked, but he`s doing well  Smiley Happy  and this morning he got his last shot of Pen.  When he got in trouble at first I made the mistake of telling my Wife...never ever do that!  She kept bugging me "Call the Vet.  Call the Vet.  You`d better call the Vet!".    Well he`s on all fours and we`re all happy  Smiley Happy


But in all my years, I`ve never seen a ear infection in a hog or if I did it must`ve been very mild and they healed up on their own.  If you live long enough, you see everything.