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Re: Boar with ear infection

Yes, holding his head to one side, seemed to be a strange ear related symptom, the Penicillin definitely was a life saver.   I just wonder if since he was a Specific Pathogen Free boar that maybe that made him more susceptible?   Though I`ve never had the problem before, maybe been lucky. 



Completely germ-free[edit]

The animals can be born through a caesarian section then special care taken so the newborn does not acquire infections, such as use of sterile isolation units with a positive pressure differential to keep all outside air and pathogens from entering. Everything that needs to be inserted into the isolator, such as food, water and equipment needs to be completely sterilized and disinfected, and inserted through an airlock that can be disinfected before opening from the inside.

A disadvantage is that any contact with pathogens may be fatal. This is because the animals have no protective bacterial flora on the skin or in the intestine or respiratory tract, and because they have no natural immunity to common infections as they have never been exposed to them