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Re: Can I put the first post on the hog talk page?

And for a long time $2 corn fed a hog.  I am still a serf.  My sons bought 2000 head recently.  If it works they will fill my barns likely.  A decent price is the result at the bottom of a well formulated spreadsheet that takes in every parameter of marketing (shrink, culls, premium, sort loss, trucking) and every parameter of their feed, variables such as mortality etc.   Every mid morning the chore is to re-analyze their home made sheets.  Granted they are bidding pigs on a margin.  We do analyze breed to finish spreadsheets and every segment in between so we understand the whole picture.  Right now at nearly 170 per live hog, I am convinced there is $30 profit in there.  There are so many empty barns chasing so few pigs, that right now $25 of that is going to the sow guy!