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Re: Can I put the first post on the hog talk page?

USDA inspectors are all over humane handling.  USDA plants get shut down each and every day over inhumane regulations.  A lot of the suspensions are over power trips and politics in plants.  USDA can close plants down over inhumane treatment and inspector intimidation with no due process and they know it. 

Here is the latest quarterly report which lists at least 30+ plants that got closed (normally for one to three days) for inhumane treatment or slaughter.  The report lists the number of days.

Here is USDA's latest notice explaining what they shut plants down for regarding animal treatment (without hearing, right to appeal, no warning, etc.) 

So, I strongly disagree with you that USDA isn't looking at animal treatment.  They close plants down over people unloading animals "improperly".   I'm not saying I couldn't agree that NPPC might have brought some of this on but USDA is running with it.  Its just about impossible to run a USDA slaughter plant without getting shut down for inhumane treament.  We've been very fortunate so far to never have been shut down for any reason but I don't hold my breath.  USDA uses humane handling and intimidation of inspectors over very small plants head.  If any inspector makes any claims of inhumane handling or anyone has threatened an inspector you get shut down immediately with no warning. 

And you have to remember that I raise my pigs under the Animal Welfare Institute standards so I'm not at all opposed to treating animals with ever bit of respect and dignity possible through every portion of their lives.