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Re: Can I put the first post on the hog talk page?

It seems like every other month there is a new rule.  We have to sign a paper EVERY time agreeing to the humane treatment.  First it was no wiffle bats with BB's in them,  then no stock prods,  now we have to have a hurdle to unload.  It takes longer to get the hurdle untied and down than it takes me to unload my 29 head.


About 2 years ago my truck was turned in by a motorist following me at a stop light.   It was an extremely cold and icy day so I had stayed on the highway the whole trip, avoiding the blacktops.   This meant I had to stop at 3 stoplights.   From the back this motorist decided that my truck was overloaded,  called the IL Dept. of Ag,  Dept of Ag called the USDA inspectors at the plant,  inspectors called the hog buyers with the truck description,  Hog buyers called us.   They never really felt I was overloaded,  I never was in any trouble.  The next time I delivered hogs one of the USDA inspectors came out and looked at and in my truck.  Problem over.   I do try and count correctly and not put over 29 on the truck.   I'm looking for a 2nd grader to come out and count for me.  Last week I had 30 and 28.  Well at least they avgeraged out to 29.