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Re: Can I put the first post on the hog talk page?

What has always bothered me about peopel who do not raise animals for a living is that they have no concept of the fact that you cannot abuse animals and expect them to support your family, too.  You know from commonsense that if you overcrowd animals on your truck, you  will eventually lose one to stress, and cost yourself.  I hauled for years, and never had a downer or a dead when I got to Smithfield. 

We actually have people ask us if we name all the pigs we raise...yeah, right, 80,000 plus names per year every year for sixteen years.  They confuse livestock with companion animals. 

When I was at the vet hospital at NC State with LIttle Girl (my birddog) last fall, one of the other women, who had a cat in the ICU, asked me how I "reconciled taking such good care of her with raising hogs for a living.'  I finally got part of the point of animal ag across by pointing out that her cat eats canned meat someone has to do her dirty work for her.