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Going out on a limb for a prediction

I'm almost afraid to say this.  In early 98 while Plains and Grimes were saying hogs would get into the high 20's I was claiming that there was nothing to stop them from going into the teens.   All through the early 2000's I was saying that this whole economy was like a mushroom that was just pushing up a spindly stem ready to collapse in 2008 or 2009.  Read the archives.  I hate to say this next one.  Any kind of weather scare at all this winter in South America or next year in North America will run grain prices to the point there isn't a livestock feeder on the planet that can even think about paying the feed bill.  $20 corn if you could buy it will be cheap.  It could be mass riots all over the world because we will have hit that wall they talk about when the "American farmer" can no longer feed the world.