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Re: How's the hog business treating you?

I let the gilts farrow in the pens.   Whenever I tried to take out litters from the crates the layons  was absolutely terrible.   I find if I let the gilts,  (and I prefer gilts), farrow in the pens  then both they and the pigs learn early.   The worse layons occured this time because I was out of crates and pens so I put 2 litters / 3 days old, together in one bigger pen.   That way another  gilt could pig in the empty pen. 


Once they  have farrowed in farrowing crates  and in the farrowing room, squealing pigs mean absolutely nothing to them.   I get to remember what it is like to deal with protective and mean sows  again.  Plus,  it always is raining  when I have baby pigs and  the pens to tend to get wet.... so... back to the pitchfork.