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Re: How's the hog business treating you?

The pens are OLD.  We used them 30 years ago!   Concrete floors,  wood gates that are patched several times,   Creep area at one end.  Pens are probably 4'x8'.    Sows are turned out to feed and water daily.   Pens number 1-5 and sows are marked with marking chaulk with the corresponding number.   If it rains really hard and fast I get to go out and clean pens. 


My experience was that once the sow had pigged in the farrowing crate/house.  She won't get up when she hears a sqealing pig if I put her in a pen with straw. 


Since they are now over 6 days old  the layons have stopped.   i've got about a 8.5 pig average.  I'm getting  ready to turn the sows out permanently to the shedded area and let the pigs run under the gate to get away for a creep area.   Less work and time demand.  Right now I have to turn them out and then put in every afternoon.  Kind of blows my day.