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Neighbor using pit treatments has no odor issue

I`m not a fan of cafos, but a neighbor using this or something similar, you wouldn`t know he has hogs on the place if you didn`t see the buildings.



ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT The premicrobial digestion of liquid manure that has been treated with Pit Accelerator, before field application, may improve soil health and help reduce the likelihood of water quality issues.  100% natural. Safe for animals.
Pit AcceleratorTM is designed to complement and be used with biological liquid manure treatment products to handle the most difficult manure management issues. It provides rapid, natural sludge and muck removal and speeds up the liquefaction process when used in combination with pit treatment products. It binds phosphate, nitrates and helps with the nutrient enhancement of manure. Pit Accelerator stimulates the biological manure digestion and liquefaction process, which results in the rapid removal of organic bottom or surface solids that are slow to degrade. Pit Accelerator rapidly ties up and detoxifies antimicrobial manure contaminants that negatively affect the manure liquefaction and digestion process. It helps maintain the proper manure pH for reduced foaming issues and dangerous manure gases. INGREDIENTS: Natural blend of organic nutrients, essential elements and a blend of digestive microbes.
Complements and enhances liquid manure treatment products.Accelerates the liquefaction of manure pits and lagoons.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Pit Accelerator use rates to be used with primary manure treatment products: Maintenance Use: Annual use rate of 20 gallons of Pit Accelerator per 850,000-1,000,000 gallons of manure capacity. § Swine Barns: (Example) For each 1,200 head grow/finish barn or 425,000 gallons of storage capacity, apply 5 gallons of Pit Accelerator along with the primary biological manure treatment product. Add an additional 5 gallons  of Pit Accelerator into the pit or lagoon every 180 days. § Dairy or Beef Pits and Lagoons: Apply 10 gallons of Pit Accelerator per million gallons of manure along with primary biological manure treatment products. Add an additional 10 gallons of Pit Accelerator every 180 days. Higher fiber manure, such as beef or dairy, may require up to 40 gallons of Pit Accelerator treatment per million gallons of manure annually to achieve best results. § For pits or lagoons associated with crusting, sludge build-up and slow microbial activation: add an additional 10 gallons Pit Accelerator every 180 days. § To calculate pit volume, measure and multiply: Length x Width x Depth x 7.5 = Total Gallons
Ensure the treatment is mixed  into the liquid portion of the manure. Shake well before using
Pit Accelerator is available in one and  five gallon containers. Easy to apply.
Keep Out of Reach of Children Made in the U.S.A.