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Re: Peoria Stockyards closed

Pretty much Craig.  To be independent they can`t make it on salebarn prices, you need a natural niche market or a crazy amount of volume to deal with the packers directly.  On Craigs List there`s alot of individuals that still sell 20 hd of feeder pigs or freezer pork.


It`s only a small amount of hogs sold on the open market, probably 2% but that`s what the contracts are based on, so as these markets are lost it`ll be harder for them to judge a contract on.  It seems these stockyards only get a small number of odd butchers so that makes it hard for them to keep going too.  Then some days on the market reports they`ll say "no numbers to report due to market confidentiality".


But yeah it`s changing and has changed.  Like one of the articles mentioned to peak number of hogs going to Peoria was in the 1980`s.  Well you look at that everyday all those livestock trailers, straight trucks and pickups with stockracks coming to town and those guys with manurey boots would go and eat uptown, pick up a few items.  All that is gone now, semis haul +200hd out of the 2500hd barns.