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TSC hog panels, Canadian vs US prices

I`m in the market for good Red Top brand hog panels, I know TSC carries Red Brand woven wire so I went on line and checked TSC  34"x16` is $99 a piece...Uff-Dah!   I thought my God they`re ripping us off, but I looked at the store location and it`s London, Ontario.   


Then I corrected my store location to a much closer Mason City and the panels are $25, which is 1/4th the price...well, I`m not complaining Mason is a shorter trip than London, Ontario.  But, Yikes! how can Canadians afford those prices?  I know it`s currency differences  and such but still the US TSC is at least 1/3rd the price.   I thought we had tariffs and all kinds of stuff that made our steel prices so much higher and nail companies were going broke and stuff, hog panels are all steel & zinc.   Here`s a link to the Mason store ...nobody go and buy `em at Mason before I get there tomorrow   Smiley Happy