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Re: what do you recommend feeding a baby pig?

Pigs are not ruminants, so a forage diet (haylage) is inappropriate. 

Commercially, pigs are generally raised on corn and soybean meal rations, formulated to the correct precentage of protein for different given states of growth.  (We ran as many as seven different ratiosn during the market pig's life cycle when we formulated our own rations.  In just eight weeksnow  on our nursery farm, pigs get four different rations, based upon their age and body weight.)  Corn/soybean meal(supplement) provides the basic amino acids necessary for the animal's body to synthesize the rest, to build muscle, which is the meat. 

Other combinations of grains and some forage crops, I think some would say things like turnips, can priovide dietary inputs.  Pigs have been fed on human food scraps, but there is some danger of introducing disease, and this may be prohibited in some places (in the US, for example, it is not usually allowed to feed pigs on garbarge transported from other places.) 

Pigs used to feed "off the mast," or foraging at will in woods and pastures, and in harvested fields, gleaning missed corn and other crops behind the pickers, as well fattening on dropped acorns and other tree nuts, wild roots, etc.. 

The diet you outlined is not one I'd recommend.  Depending upon the land you are going to raise pigs on and what is grown there, you need to do a lot more research on what you will need to provide them so that their nutritional needs are met.