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OWhat effects will chinas mass slaughter have on US production and exports? 

What are the experts saying.  

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Re: China

Short term a little negative, cause they`re "eating their seedcorn", there`s a date shortly coming up when they can`t slaughter for food anymore ASF hogs. They`re importing their own US "Smithfield hogs" without tariffs, well that`s a drop in the bucket and pork that is raised here, taken off the US market and sold to China without tariff and net positive ...perhaps they want to buy Tyson and Hormel too?   🙂  


You have to be bullish pork....until the actual minute that you hear headlines "ASF hits a finisher in Minnesota". The day that news comes, consumers in line at the cashier at the supermarket will leave the line and put their porkchops and bacon and ham back in the meatcounter and pickup some packages of chicken and hamburger instead.

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