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High corn prices and feed needs

Just saw a report from Chris Hurt at Purdue talking about the pricing points where corn will need to stick around if hog farmers are going to stay in the black and not slip into the red. Sounds like $6.65/bushel is the magic number. But, with prices a buck higher than that right now, looks like corn usage for feed is going to have to slip.


Are you feeding less, or planning to, because of this corn market right now? Would it be easier if there wasn't an ethanol mandate?

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Re: High corn prices and feed needs

Some are replacing up to 50% of their corn with DDGS in the finishing diets, according to a magazine. Are they chancing the bacon quality problems or just trying to sell more hogs with less corn. Also read about the Penicillin G residues in sows on a competing website. Some may be digging their graves (as well as ours) if this sloppiness continues.

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