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Hog Prices Set To Surge...Again

Gene Johnston, Successful Farming/ contributor, uncovered some thoughts on the hog market at the World Pork Expo. A hog market rally is all teed up. Why? See the full explanation in his story:


Pig Disease, Lemons, and Bitter Lemonade



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Re: Hog Prices Set To Surge...Again

Media hype and market gurus!


10% less hog numbers for the year?  PED cases peaked in February which should result in peak hog number losses in July-August-September time period.  We have had 4% reduction up to that time period and will have less after.  That means we will need a 28% hog number loss in July, August and September to average 10% for the year.  28%.  That is what the gurus are predicting "between the lines".  Funny.

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