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Large Group Hog Pens

Currently have pigs grouped in 33-35 hd per pen in a double wide 2400 hd tunnel ventilated building.  Was wondering how the larger pen barns are layed out and how the sorting works?  Pro and cons if you have experienced both and any pictures of how the pens are layed out would be great I am a visual person.  Looking into putting up another barn and maybe converting my current barn if possible.  I don't like the problems from the pig pecking order such as side bitting and some lameness as they get towards market.  Would like to try clean up theses problems but might pick up other problems going to the other system or no improvement.  Any actual experience with the large grouped hog pens would be appreciated.  

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Re: Large Group Hog Pens

A few things.
Who do u feed for?
What type of feeders?
I so weans or feeders?

Yes big pens are nice. Just be aware of the cost to remodel, new gates, new feeders, moving water lines and new feed line at least the tube.
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Re: Large Group Hog Pens

We get 25-30# feeders.  I know the newer barns that guys are building for the family we raise for are 100x200 with 12 pens per room.  My barn is 80x240.  I guess I need to go visit a new barn and see how they are set up to see if there is anyway to use what I already have are reconfigure the barn with mainly just labor.  How hard is soring I the large pens is other thing I was curious about?  Thanks

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