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Looking for hog equipment for a friend

A friend of ours in Uganda is looking to ramp up his hog production. He sent me an email last night asking if I could help him get ahold of some used equipment, namely farrowing crates, feeders and perforated flooring. He's definitely not a spammer -- I've chatted with him quite a few times and he's a heck of a guy. Here's a little more about him. 


Anyway, anybody know of where I might be able to get ahold of this type of equipment? Patrick tells me he'd be able to make arrangements to get the stuff shipped to him. I'm happy to put you in touch with Patrick directly via email if anybody's interested.


I've also posted a classified ad here, too. 


Thanks, everybody! This has kind of become a little "mission" of mine, to help out this guy who wants to farm and help out his fellow man! Appreciate all the help I can get!



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Re: Looking for hog equipment for a friend

With the price of iron being so high recently, I don't know if he will be able to find a lot of good equipment in one place. Does he want many or just a few? Remember hogs are tough on equipment so usually we have basically salvage stuff. Check Iowa Farmer Today. They may have some classifieds for used equipment. Shipping will probably be a bigger issue than the equipment price itsself. If they have materials and the skills, they may be able to make their own crates and flooring there. I also know of an equipment manufacturer and their products are very reasonable brand new.

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Re: Looking for hog equipment for a friend

Jeff, it may be simpler and more realistic for him to build from lumber, the way we did before commercial crates and such came on the scene, or at least before we could afford them.  All it took bought was a few hinges and a hasp and catch. 


Any sheets of woven wire or expanded metal can be flooring, but some can be too rough on the animals themselves.  Floors can be slats of lumber, too. 


There used to be planbooks for agricultural structures like smallscale farowing facilities.  I am thinking Midwest plan Services and similar sources.  Extension might be a place to reach out for info like this, too.  Unless he's solved the waste managemetn part of the problem - which usually involves some sort of concrete foundation and means of funneling waste to a treatment or at least storage structure - he will just be trading one problem for another. 

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