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Mixing weaner pigs

I know this is kind of a stupid question but we're cattlemen, not hog people.  My daughter is getting a 4-H pig, paid $100 for it and we want to feed it out with a few more but didn't know if we can mix weaners from different farms.  She can't afford a litter mate as she purchased the only one for that price, the rest are really expensive.  So we're going to the Hutterite colony near us to buy 2 more about the same weight but much cheaper.  Can we mix the three or will they fight with the 4-H pig?  What about diseases?  I know both places are very clean and disease free.  Thanks.

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Re: Mixing weaner pigs

Yes,  you can mix them.    Yes,  they will fight.    They will have to establish  a pecking order.   The fighting will probably cause some minor scratches or light cuts.      The fight will only last a few minutes.    Only problem could be if they get over heated  so let the fight happen in the early morning or late evening  when temps are cooler if you are keeping them where it is warm.  (never mind  I think you are from Montana).      If you mix strange pigs they will fight   you can't stop it.    But,   you might be able to make certain your showpig wins  if you  "help"  him.   


The disease issue is your bigger issue.    Hogs are more seceptable to different bugs than cattle are. That is why we never brought a pig home from a fair.    Even though both farms pigs show up healthy  you can not garrantee that one does not have a bug the others have not seen.     Find out what vaccines both sets of pigs have had....  Gives you an idea of what  the farm might have.     PRRS, circovirus,  mycoplasma pnuemonia,  and hemopholis are the most prevelant right now.    Do not mix  PRRS positive pigs with PRRS negative pigs.    PRRS can KILL. 


Don't forget about worming your pigs if you have them on dirt.   If this spot of dirt has EVER had hogs on it  the eggs can survive for years in soil.      Good Luck 

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