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Starting from scratch

I’m 22 getting ready to finish college and have the opportunity to partner with a dairy on a couple of possible enterprises. One of which would be a hog barn. What kind of advantages are there to being a contract grower as opposed to buying my own shows and feeding my own pigs and vice versa? Are banks more willing to loan on a barn for a contract grower or is it about the same? Advantages of a hog barn over building a feedyard to feed calves out? I’m in central MO.
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Re: Starting from scratch

If it was me, I`d get a job taking care of sites, working for farmers that just made the investment for the manure.  It seems the easy money has been made on the investment side, then there`s public opinion against them, so laws could change.  Maybe do that a few years and learn the in`s and outs, if you like it and the right opportunity comes up then jump in.  Once you sign the dotted line and they start doing dirt work, it`s a long term commitment ...for better or worse, sickness and health.  They scare you about loading hogs at 3 in the morning, that`s nothing you`re young, but it`s all the debt a person has to take on.



When you are ready to make the plunge, do your homework on the contractors that build the buildings.  Some of them aren`t very old and the ceilings are rusty and the concrete in the pit is flaking.  The tin can be replaced, but the concrete in the pits is the spendy part.

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