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Throwback chops


A couple of guys that I know in Indiana who sent me this photo  are running a breeding project using frozen semen from “back in the day”. We haven’t bred or raised any hogs for quite some time but it’s fun getting calls from numerous young  folks who are doing stuff like this asking “did you see…”, or “did you ever use…” or even, “didn’t you breed and raise….?”

These chops are from an old line Duroc barrow whose gr. sires we’re both  born in the early 1980’s.

That degree of marbling would be unrecognizable to a couple of entire generations of consumers.  Wouldn’t be surprised if it would spook many.


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Re: Throwback chops

wonder what the carcass would look like if you put a Berkshire boar on an F1 Duroc x modern white line gilt?

And what kind of performance numbers you could get.

But anyway, I guess loins are kind of an afterthought vs. industrial fast food bacon and hams.

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Re: Throwback chops

You’d get a very high % of offspring that had colored hides and hair and the mono-practice “industro” kill cabal hates those.  Docks and condemns them if they can get by with it.

Horse way too far down the road. Some good niche stuff out there but much of it is a racket.


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