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Vintage videos

I worked with the gentleman who is narrating the '61 video a couple of times way, way back in the day.

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Re: Vintage videos

Good stuff, thanx

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Re: Vintage videos

Bruce, thanks for posting these nostalgic videos. My first farm job was an outside hog operation; I believe the farmer I worked for had 7,000 hogs give or take. The farm farrowed indoors, and after weaning, the pigs were moved to a nursery and then out to pasture lots. I was 15 at the time, and I fell in love with hog farming. Too bad it was the summer of 1998. That job didn't last long. Hog farming changed so much since then; it's far more efficient now. After I got out of the Army I worked on a large scale farrow to wean operation. It was a clean, well managed operation, but it wasn't as much fun to work on, and the sows spent nearly their entire lives in gestation crates. There is nothing wrong with today's feeder pig housing, but more needs to be done in the way of animal welfare in reguards to sow housing. No creature deserves to spend nearly its entire life in a 6 by 2 crate.

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