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hog market $$$$ 100+

Have not been involved in hogs for 30 yrs. But do buy a dressed one annually, nearby small cheese operation growns ~ 40 / yr, whey fed, excellent pork and cured meats as well.  Best I have had. Ok to the serious businss - spec wise, futures, I hate hogs as I could never get USDA data to math up wilth unfolding supply/demand and especially price trends. I have it OFF my screen.


OK,  getting interested here, lean hog futures ocver 100$, seems like a long time sicne we saw taht. It must be 70 lve weights?

Ideas, themes? Did the sky-high Corn and SM prices discourage producion and #s shrank?   Once up here, and with (assumes good sumemr Wx) 5$ and under corn coming in sept,  instead of $7-8, will we see over expansion?  Hey, hay, w ho knows the timing perfectly!! Not asking much !! No one of course, and if the mkt structutre is too anticipatory, discounts in out months so deep,  the mkt could drop, you corretly forecast the BEAr but to roll out each mnth at a discount you net lose or don't win enough for the risk.\


Ideas views ? thanks in advance.


Anyone with mkt ideas, any sense of has high prices caused early mktugs, lighter weights and that  has helped cause the  scarity> ?   or WHERE is the tOP,, easy as that is to figure out !!    ha..

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