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Do you have a weekend?

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Last Monday, a farmer friend wrote me an e-mail about how frazzled he was from the weekend, trying to get soybeans planted ahead of the forecasted rains. He had two tires that needed fixing, his computer had broke down, and there was no one around in town to help over the weekend.


"Weekends really mess me up because the rest of the world shuts down and I don't," he wrote.


Back in the day, didn't farmers have weekends? My grandparents went to town on Saturday, attended church on Sunday.


My friend's comment made me wonder about the current status of the farmer's work week. Having an office job means that the work week is something of a countdown to the weekend.  I used to get the Sunday night blues. Some people call Wednesday "hump day." In a lot of offices, people can dress casually on Friday. Each day has a different shade of meaning, mainly in relation to the weekend.


Recently, I decided to name the days:


Muddle-through Monday. LIke for my farmer friend, Monday is a kind of recovery day. Show up and try to get something, anything, done.


Turn-around Tuesday. Borrowing from the markets, you want to feel like your efforts are gaining some momentum.


Wunderkind Wednesday. The German word means "child prodigy." Wonder kid. On Wednesday, the townsfolk should be in high gear, and maybe even doing something entirely useful.


Thelonius Thursday. Sorry, this one's a bit obscure, named for the jazz musician Thelonius Monk, the founder of bebop. Thursday is Friday eve, it's got rhythm, is the start of the party.


Friday. Haven't named this one. Maybe Friday speaks for itself. Or how about Freedom Friday, Fabulous Friday, Fortuitous Friday, Funky Friday.... ? Help me out.


Then there is the weekend--the reward we've earned from our five days of labor, performed in an arc of varying intensity and significance.


I don't think farmers live this way, do you? Has the farm life been transformed into seven days of the same? Something for me to ponder--this weekend.