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'Funny' accidents on the farm

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A friend of mine who I've not seen for years recently sent me a set of photos showing weird farm machinery accidents. It appeared that the e-mail had been shipped around quite a bit already and maybe had originated in the UK.


Someone had written a caption for each of the images. The one on top was "Another one got a little stuck," the second , "The truck looks like it is in surprisingly good shape."


I was told that one of the most popular booths at the Louisville machinery show last year had a slideshow of equipment stuck in mud. All day long there was a big group of farmers gathered around the pictures of tractors in all kinds of compromising positions.


What's the appeal? I guess if you operate machinery this big and powerful you understand that you're always at risk of a big-time accident. The other thing that strikes me about the images is that they don't show any human carnage. It maybe lets us assume that no one got hurt--and thus the image is funny.


Not to over-analyze the whole thing, but another factor in our fascination with these photos perhaps is the thought that no matter how big our machinery, Mother Nature and bad luck will have their way at times.


So we better be careful out there.


Any stories or pics to share?



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The videos shown at Farm Progress show were pretty good- It had a lot of mishaps and you could tell when a john deere was stuck, Case and Kinze fans laughed and vise versa. It was pretty good entertainment to see someone elses problems.  I think it makes most of us feel like we dont have it 'quite that bad'.  Thanks for the pics