‘We lost a good man’

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Dan Specht lost his lfe in a farm accident, reminding us of the dangers of farming. But there is another lesson in his life's work--that we still have much to learn about how things fit together between nature and agriculture.


Where are all the cover crops?

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Cover crop adoption is making some surprising strides and producing some big benefits for farmers, according to a new report. But why can't you see more cover crops from the road then? 


Taking this pollinator thing seriously

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It's Pollinator Week, time to take a closer look at the creatures that are the farmer's partners in food production.


Tornado chasing is a drive that can kill

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If you've ever stopped to watch a big storm, you know the feeling. There's something about storm watching that's infectious, but it's bug that can kill even profession tornado chasers.


Google Glass: Hang on to your hat

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Google Glass, a lens-less pair of glasses with a miniature computer fixed to the right ear piece, holds promise to be the next big thing on the farm.


Making a list of farm likes...and dislikes

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Lists may be the way we first began to create order in the world. They are a practical guide to getting through the day. And lists can maybe help us understand how we look at the agricultural world. Here goes....


Sinkhole tragedy hits home

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The strange incident in Florida, in which a man was pulled from his bedroom into a sinkhole, continues to draw media attention, days after the occurence. It's hard to imagine the horror of what it must be like to get sucked into the earth without warning. But those who work out on the land every day have some experience with the dark side of the landscape.


Former farm boy keeps innovating in Internet world

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Somebody asked me in New York last week what I was doing there. Did I find any corn fields? Hah, hah. No, but, I did find one smart farm boy—Evan Williams, one of the most influential people in Internet publishing.


Picturing ag in 2030

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A new study of global trends foresees huge shifts in the global economy. If the trends are realized, the world has many challenges--and opportunities--in store for farmers.


Scary stories show need for farm security

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The stories you can hear from farmers about burglary and vandalism are a big wake-up call to take stock of your security measures.