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Better looking beans

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July beans II.jpg


As the July Crop Tour kicked off its fifth and final day, the group experienced a first for the week--morning dew on the plants, said Justin Davey, reporter.


"These are some of the best soybeans we've seen on the whole tour," said guide Kyle Tapley, MDA EarthSat ag meteorologist.  The tour made its first stop in Webster County, where some fields were still a bit muddy from the recent storm.  The soybeans from the field pictured above were scored a four out of five for both plant development and health.


But, across the road from the sobyeans, corn stalks were bent over from the wind. A yield check in that field predicted 140 bu/ac corn. That compares with a county average of 190 last year.


Further checks on corn continued to disappoint. In Carroll County, the tour rated a field at 145 bu/ac, in a county with a 180-bushel average last year. The same field showed considerable wind damage as well.