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Roller coaster ride

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The July Crop Tour moved through Iowa Thursday, for a while encountering RAGBRAI, the world's largest organized bicycle ride, with some 10,000 people in tow. One thing the two tours shared today were some roller coaster hills in this part of the state. The "ride" on the Crop Tour, though, was still showing more downs than ups.


On the first stop Thursday, in Johnson County, the crop tour scouts turned up a field that was just about impossible to judge. Commenting on the sample shown above, Kyle Tapley, MDA EarthSat ag meteorologist, said, "Who knows what that field will make?"


Earlier, I spoke with a farmer from east of here who told me that the corn in his neighborhood is "pretty much all gone." Farmers in in Jackson County are looking at 50 bu/ac yields, he said.


On our second stop, in Linn County, the sample pulled predicts about 85-bushel corn. That compares with a county average of 169 bushels last year.


A later stop further west, though, in Benton County, showed some improvement. The yield check is guessing 160-bushel corn, getting at least one farm part way back up the hill.


Here are few more photos from the Iowa ride: