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Turn for the better or an illusion?

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First stop of the July Crop Tour on Wednesday, at a field in Logan County, Illinois, turned up the best-looking crop of the week thus far.  The corn sample averaged about 197 bu/ac. That compares with last year’s county average of 173.4 bu/ac.


The field was a flat, deep, well-drained soil type.


“The rest of the county of the county doesn’t look that good. The field’s just not representative of the county as a whole,” said Kyle Tapley, MDA EarthSat Weather tour guide.


As the tour moves west across Illinois one question for the day is whether conditions will be seen to improve at all. “In eastern Illinois, the crop was in pretty bad shape as most people were expecting,” Tapley said. In two Illinois counties yesterday, yields were forecast to fall at about or below 100 bu/ac.