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74 Ford twin screw, 18 ft aluminum bed

1974 Ford L900, twin screw, V8, 5 x 3 transmission, 18 ft aluminum bed, 2 cylinder hoist with stabilizing scissor, cargo doors.  $11,000


ThImage1221 (Small).jpg

That's the specs, here's the details.  I bought this a couple years ago.  It's not a highway truck, but it's a good farm truck.   We are upgrading our fleet.  I bought a 97 single axle tractor and we are either going to lengthen the frame and put a twin screw under it and move the bed and hoist off this truck to it, or we're going to buy a short trailer.  We've talked it to death, which way to go.  For us it's $1.00 one way or 4 quarters the other.

Image1243 (Small).jpg

I'd rather buy the trailer and leave this truck together. She's a good old girl, for some reason everyone who drives it comes back smiling.  But I can't afford to do both.  I kind of stumbled into the 97.   I wasn't really thinking of doing this at this time ... I have 4 brand new 10.00 20 tires for this truck waiting to be mounted!  I'll throw them in, since they don't fit the new truck.

Scissors right.jpg


I am in southeast Illinois, if you follow the Illinois/Indiana border south until it wiggles we're about the third curve.  About 20 miles south of I-70, about 3 miles west of the Wabash River.


Call me on the cell phone at 217/822-4963 (keep in mind coverage is a bit flaky here) or drop me an email at .  All my photos of it right now are "action shots" but I will take some more.


Mike SE IL

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Re: 74 Ford twin screw, 18 ft aluminum bed

How many BU does it hold?

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Re: How many bushels does it hold?

That's like asking how many shells a shotgun holds ... 3 if the game warden is around, 5 if he's not.    In Illinois I think it will legally hold about 570.  Looking at the scale tickes for the west 80 this fall it held 561, 571, 560, 573, 631 .... oh yeah, I remember that load, that was just before SIL and I had a discussion about overweight fines.  Empty weight isabout 17,000

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Re: 74 Ford twin screw, 18 ft aluminum bed

What engine?


How many miles?


From your 3rd picture, I'm assuming air brakes?



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Re: 74 Ford twin screw, 18 ft aluminum bed

good questions I don't have good answers for right now.  Engine is a big V-8 ... but I never can remember exactly what size it is.  It's bigger than a 454, I know that.  I've been told the heads are heavy enough a mechanic cannot handle them by himself.


I can get the mileage off the odometer, but the dealer I bought it from would not verify it as accurate so I can't either.   Yes, it has air brakes.  And all the reat cans are spring loaded safety brakes.  One of my idiosyncracies is when I back up to an auger and pop the yellow button the truck does not move.  I spent too many years fighting cable operated parking brakes and some things I just will not put up with anymore.


Gotta run, it's time for church.  More later.

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OK, so I'll lower the price

I don't know what it's worth, but you have to start someplace.  I have lowered the price to $11,000 and I keep my 4 new 10.00-20 tires.  I'd consider a trade for a decent short hopper trailer.


Oh, to answer a question, engine is a 477.  Carburetor has been rebuilt recently by a local mechanic who know carbs.

DSCF0078 (Small).JPG

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