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Agriculture Sprayers - Raz Sprayers

Raz Sprayers is a leading manufacturer of crop sprayers, agriculture sprayers and pest control sprayers.


Raz Bros. Was established in 1968 by two brothers Mr. Jacob Raz and Mr. Eli Raz who are still at the head of the company. Besides the manufacturing of different products, the company has an R & D department that offers innovative answers to unique problems according to the client's requirements.  The company's main area of activities is in the developments and production of agricultural sprayers, mainly in the line of low volume sprayers providing optimal multi-crop, multi-terrain performance.


While using dvanced technology The sprayers manufactures by Raz Bros. Ltd. are adjusted for different uses, either for the kind of terrain such as vineyards, orchards, greenhouses etc. or the kind the agricultural product such as field growths, vegetables or flowers.


Most of the products feature the ability of using the same source of power for different uses by changing the spray heads, quickly and easily.   The new products are first tested by the Agricultural Research Organization The Volcani Center, one of the leading authorities in the field of agriculture and are certified by the Israel Institute of Agricultural Engineering.   Owing to their high quality and competitive prices, Raz Bros. Ltd. has successfully exported their products to United States, Mexico, Jordan, Lebanon, Senegal, ethiopiaMarco, Sri Lanka, India, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Sultanate of Oman, Kazakhstan, Canary Islands, Thailand and China.   The company is Importer & Distributor of Agriculture machinery for vineyards, olives, All of the spraying accessories including Spray pumps, engines, knapsack sprayers, dusters, and nozzles.   The Israeli Agricultural Minister certifies all products, which are exported Worldwide.  


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All the best!

Hillel Porath



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