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Buying a chore tractor . . .is 150 hp. too large

My old chore tractor (inherited from Dad) is underpowered and its hydraulics stink. So I'm searching for a more powerful chore tractor to run a 12-inch diameter auger or 15-foot batwing mower or pull 800 bu. grain wagons. The thing is, the price of a 100 hp. used tractor is about the same as a 150 hp. tractor . . .or pretty darn close. So am I nuts for just going ahead and buying a 150 hp. tractor for choring? Besides the higher horsepower tractors from the 1980s (about the age I'm looking at) have cabs which comes in handy when using the tractor to clear snow. Any thoughts would be appreciated?

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Re: Buying a chore tractor . . .is 150 hp. too large

To pull 800 bu of grain, 150hp would be the very minimum needed to be safe.  And blowing or pushing snow the extra hp and weight is a plus.   A 4640 isn`t going to be as maneuverable as a 4240, but for the extra hp, and about the same price, a little inconvenience can be tolerated.  JMO

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Say a 7810 or 7820 MFWD w

W the power shift reverser on it.


Say go w a Miller Plate Loader on it. 

Miller is made in Granite IA.

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Re: Buying a chore tractor . . .is 150 hp. too large

The 800 bushel grain wagon is the key to me.  I agree with others.  Weight (to stop the wagon) is critical as is HP to pull it.  Is it a wagon or grain cart?  An 800 bushel wagon would be a monster to pull, I'd think.  Traction problems.


What do they say, 10hp per inch of auger?  Don't take my word for it but I think there is a rule of thumb.  About the mower I have no clue.



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