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Combine for sale

Less than $30,000 new

Group order ??

Sorry can't find post that started it
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Re: Combine for sale

Equivalent to a "55" with the added bonus of no cab
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Re: Combine for sale

Got a nice buddy seat though. If you can find a woman who will ride in it she would be a keeper.


Combine Harvester Model W70

Combine Harvester W70 has 100 HP turbocharged engine. Features like Posi torque drive & adjustable cutter bar help the harvester to work even in moist, undulating fields & make it suitable for lodged crops also.

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Re: Combine for sale

yes hobby, and the sickle drive is WAY better than the 55     more tin on the sides and the long yellow decal.  Now if they come up

with the 8820 version..



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