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FS - grain leg

78 foot tall

2700 bu. / hour



Best offer


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OK, you have earned a rant for everyone's benefit

I don't know for sure, but I am confident in saying this: You'll get more response of you tell folks how to reach you

This is a free (as in no cost to you ) place to sell things.  It will not cost you a penny to go into more detail, include photos, maybe even tell where you are or how to contact you!

I'm not picking on just you.  I bet I can pick up the local newspaper and find at least one ad with no contact information ... and them folks PAID to have it there.

For an example (since I don't know much about the leg you have for sale) I'll use a truck I have listed right now  Let's start with the title. Which do you think will generate a better response:

grain truck


Ford L900 twin screw with 18 ft aluminum Knapheide bed

Let's look at the ad itself

You posted :

78 foot tall

2700 bu. / hour


That's like me saying:

10 wheels

18 ft bed

I hope to get a better response with this:

DSCF0085 (Small).JPG1974 Ford L900 with 477 gas, 5 speed with 3 speed auxiliary, twin screw with 18 foot aluminum Knaheide bed with transport doors and twin cylinder hoist with stabiliizing scissors.

And then I include more photos and descriptions.

I also include cell phone number and email address

OK, enough ranting and raving.  This advice is worth at least what it cost you ... which is exactly what it will cost to polish up you ad.  Options ... edit reply ... is a wonderful button.

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Re: OK, you have earned a rant for everyone's benefit

Sorry Mike


I just figured -- why tie up bandwith on all the details??

If someone is looking for a used grain leg -- they probably have done their homework and know what size and height they are looking for??

Also -- I figured if they want to reply to get more information -- they can post a reply on my original post OR click on my reply Name and it will give you an email address to send me inquiry.


Again -- my apology - I will try to do better next time

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Re: FS - grain leg

Grain leg was originally installed in 1973

it has --

---  a 3 phase motor on top

--- rated at 2700 bushels per hour

--- 78 feet tall

--- it has a top head platform

--- it has a distributor platform

--- trunking is good and straight

--- some rust at joints

--- it is a Creamer leg

--- it has a 8 hole distributor that goes with it

--- We have relined the top (Head) - 3 years ago

--- We have relined the distibutor pipe - 3 years ago

--- the bottom boot needs to be relined

--- it has the original metal cups -- real good shape yet

--- it has the original cup belting -- good shape yet

--- it has been repainted every 10 - 12 years-- last time was 2 years ago

--- safety cage and ladder to the top


it is presently being used -- I will be taking it down in ?? May or June to install a new system with a bigger capacity leg.


?? probably some down spouting / piping (8" diameter) to go with it


I can take pictures and email them to you if you want them!!


email --    or

 Leg location -- Lee county -- in -- North Central --  Illinois


Home Phone = 815-849-5293





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No apology needed...

Probably I should apologize for my rant.  This goes back to a a frequent discussion with a former sales manager.  He wanted to leave it so customers needed to come back to him for more information so he could work his sales pitch.  I came from the philosophy any question you can answer in advance gets it out of the way of the real issue.


Sounds like a pretty good system.  Wish I had a setup to use it

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Re: No apology needed...

   I am more inclined to answer an ad if the price is included.

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Re: FS - grain leg

I am inclined to go with Mike On this one.   I will see guys do that when listing cows for sale.  The more the info the more likely I am to call if they have what I am looking for. If they Do not give details I do not call as my experience is theyare fishing and wanting to find a sucker they can get info from as to what their price should be or they are really undecided and they will not be serious without and outragous offer. I really liked the second posts info.  I can see your point about contact info.

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Re: No apology needed...

I will accept any input / ideas -- on what price to put on a 38 year old grain leg.


A new one of that size is approximately $32,000.


$32,000 divided by 38 years = $842 ?????


Yes -- it is good shape and well maintained -- that should account for maybe a little higher price --

than $ 800 ?? -- but who knows for sure --


Scrap steel prices are high right now?? --- probably could get at least that amount for it as scrap!


I just thought if someone was interested and it would work in their situation -- better for them.


I would like to know before we have it taken down -- as to whether to be careful with it

-- or just get it down and get rid of it as scrap.


Thanks for any input or ideas





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