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GRATTEX 2 in 1 Bale Grapple


Contact us at: 1-888-GRATTEX (472-8839) or


Grattex has developed a revolutionary 2 in 1 square          

bale grapple (also can be used for round hay bales),                                                   

in collaboration with users who produce several247iEE6514C8CBCB8CCD

thousands of balls hay per years in order to make

of it the most powerful and practical grip on all the

levels, while respecting several important criteria

such as;


- Standard minimum width of 24’’

- Extended maximum width of 100’’ (Grattex exclusive )

- Competetive weight (under 1000 lbs)

- Best value for quality and price.

- Powder coat paint (Grattex exclusive)

- Hydraulic system (4 different possibilities

  depending on the clients needs)

- Sliding motion without friction (steel on Teflon)  

  (Grattex exclusive)

- The positioning of the cylinders in front of the tube of  

   sliding motion rather than behind the tube gives

   much more force (Grattex exclusive)

- We have increased the contact surface between our 

  grapples and the hay bales, here’s how; instead of

  the tradional round tubes, Grattex uses expanded

  metal fixed on a rectangular frame, which gives a

  much better lifting power while using much less hydraulic pressure, thus largely decreasing the risks of

   packages tearing and also the deformation of the hay bales. (Grattex exclusive)

- All Grattex quick attachments are offered in the same style as our snow plows and will be bolted and

   adjusted for easier usage.


Square tubes with a similar dimension to round tubes are 4 to 5 times more rigid and resistant to deformation under the hydraulic pressure. This is why we have designed the structure of our grapples with square tubes of a similar size to the round tubes used by our competitors. With Grattex bale grapples, the hay bales (square or round and of all dimensions) are gripped equally which eliminates all risks of deformation, detachment or breakage of packaging.

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