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Grattex - An innovative snowplow concept

During the past 10 years, Grattex has developed uniquely designed reversible and extendible snowplows. The Grattex design concept is to provide added features while keeping the plows as lightweight as possible, robust and highly corrosion resistant. We have succeeded in providing a product that has very low maintenance requirements.

Advantages of our snowplows:

Grattex snowplows allow you more flexibility and will also increase your productivity by 30 to 50%.  This means that your investment in a Grattex plow can generate a positive return within the first season of use. Depending on local regulations, it may also save you money on fees for over-width vehicle licensing.

Corrosion resistance

All of our snowplows are sandblasted before applying a powder base primer and finish paints with extremely high resistance to corrosion and wear in bad conditions.

New improved patented trigger mechanism

We have developed a trigger mechanism with unique adjustable tension and a very compact design that keeps the thickness of the extensions to a minimum.

Patented hitch plates with multiple bolting for better angling

Grattex developed a system which permits you to adjust the angle of the plates among 13 different positions in 5 degree increments. Bolted plates greatly simplify angle adjustments.


All our snowplow blades are reversible and bolted (not welded). This will give a maximum of wear.
We offer blades in a choice of materials: T-1, U.H.M.W. and stainless steel.


All of our snowplows are warranted for one (1) year on parts, workmanship and fabrication defects under normal working conditions.

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Thanks Reid for the translation...really appreciated!!!!!

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