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Sale of various organic fertilizer equipment

Organic fertilizer type

(1) Crop straw decomposition agent, livestock and poultry manure, organic waste starter.

(2) Microbial inoculants refer to liquid viable bacterial products produced by liquid fermentation of known beneficial microorganisms or solid viable bacterial products adsorbed by aseptic carriers. The unstable quality of organic fertilizer products is the main problem in the production of microbial inoculants. The main reasons are bacteria, carriers and fermentation equipment. The main manifestations of strains are mixed strains, degradation of strains, unreasonable combination of strains and so on.

(3) Photosynthetic bacteria fertilizer, photosynthetic bacteria fertilizer is developing rapidly, mainly used for livestock and poultry breeding and aquaculture, and can also be used for seed dressing and foliar application.

(4) Organic compound fertilizer. Compound fertilizer is widely used in agriculture. These are three different ways to produce organic compound fertilizer. Different organic fertilizer granulator can be used to produce different bio organic fertilizer products.

(5) Enzyme bacteria.


A full set of organic fertilizer production equipment we provide. Organic fertilizer production line has compact structure, low energy consumption, small floor area and no odor in operation environment.


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