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Sweet Corn Harvester

Does anybody know where to find a Byron 103 Sweet Corn Harvester?


Thank You


Jacob Chisholm


I also 278iE44878B13C02D9F0attached

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Re: Sweet Corn Harvester

Your picture is in the way of your post. Is that a picker you have for sale?

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Re: Sweet Corn Harvester

I have 2 for sale my office # 503-378-1832


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Re: Sweet Corn Harvester

Hey Tony, out of curiosity what is something like that selling for?  I'm not in the market, just nosey.

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Re: Sweet Corn Harvester

byron.7tn.jpgByron 7       

It looks like new and it is ready to go into the field immediately. We can arrange delivery. This unit saves you time and labor. Get a fast payback, fast delivery to your customers. Make more money and keep it for yourself!


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