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Tandem axle seed tender with Seed Jet

EDIT: As of 9AM Saturday we are considerng it sold.  I'm leaving the ad in place untl the check clears


Tandem axle bulk seed tender with Seed Jet transfer system.  $3500


I bought this through the AgTalk classifieds in 2010.

Kevin Brown Farms at Winchester, Illinois made it from an old fertilizer buggy.

They re-sloped the floor to an air lock,


(the front and back outside walls don't contact the seed)

put a Seed Jet air transfer system on the front,


tailights and the delivery hose long enough to fill the planter without moving on the back,


a Shur-Loc tarp on top, and painted it like a professional had made it.


It holds 3-4 mini-bulk bags and is low enough they are easy to load.

It tows great.

It looks wet in the photos because I pulled it out of the corner of the shed

and washed it off a little before taking the photos.


I know, if it is so great why am I selling it? 

I'm wanting to replace it with a seed box tender.

That would allow me to handle multiple varieties easily,

and son-in-law could use it to deliver seed boxes to his customers.


I'm in SE Illinois, about 20 miles south of I-70 and 5 miles from Indiana


email or call my cell phone at 217/822-4963


Standard disclaimers apply: If you want to list it someplace else for me,

send me a check for shipping and have the extra refunded, etc etc

save time for both of us and don't bother me.

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