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Where Do You Sell Used Machinery?

I'm curious what people do to get rid of unneeded machinery?

Do you take it to a consignment sale?

Do you always trade in and never have it sitting in the grove?

Do you park it in the grove and eventually forget about it?

Do you advertise it in Craigslist, eBay or some other on-line venue?

Do you part it out and sell it for parts or scrap?

Do you use local or ag print media?

Local bulleting board?

Word of mouth?



I've taken to using free ag publications and word of mouth.  I'm still leery of putting out my info on Criagslist and so forth.  I also sell at consignments sales just to get rid of stuff.  I'm about cleaned out of anything not used every year.  I have one old Sidewinder I need to repair and sell.  Everything else is gone.