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Where Do You Sell Used Machinery?

I'm curious what people do to get rid of unneeded machinery?

Do you take it to a consignment sale?

Do you always trade in and never have it sitting in the grove?

Do you park it in the grove and eventually forget about it?

Do you advertise it in Craigslist, eBay or some other on-line venue?

Do you part it out and sell it for parts or scrap?

Do you use local or ag print media?

Local bulleting board?

Word of mouth?



I've taken to using free ag publications and word of mouth.  I'm still leery of putting out my info on Criagslist and so forth.  I also sell at consignments sales just to get rid of stuff.  I'm about cleaned out of anything not used every year.  I have one old Sidewinder I need to repair and sell.  Everything else is gone.

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Re: Where Do You Sell Used Machinery?

If it`s something depreciated out, I park it in the grove, I don`t want to pay income tax on it if I sell Smiley Happy...let my kids worry about it one day.  


If you have like a mint condition 4020, I wouldn`t sell it at a consignment sale everyone assumes that stuff has something wrong, just not noticeable and bids accordingly.   If I was going to sell a mint 4020, I`d take it to a implement dealership and let them sell it.


If I was going to sell a mold board plow or a disc, I`d advertise in the Farm Bureau Spokesman, those selling in those ads think what they have is made of gold and price it accordingly, so you`re in good company. And it seems like you could sell a dead cat in the Spokesman.  


If you`re going to sell "junk" save yourself the hassle and go right to the junkyard.  Here`s my A story:  I had some A John Deeres that I wanted to get rid of, I figured busting the cooper radiator out of the cast and selling that separate as "unprepared" I`d get $250 each.  I thought that would be a shame, I ought to offer it to people that might use the parts in restoring projects, so I advertised them at $250 (junk price mind you) in the Spokesman.  Well it seemed every tightbutt in the country called wanting to jew me down from junk price!   They wanted to steal them and haul `em to the junkyard and make`s no big deal to throw (3) A john Deeres on a trailer and haul them to Mason myself.   After I wasted time with the last fool, I was ready to rip their arm off and beat em with it  Smiley Happy   I guess the moral of the story is, don`t do any favors. 

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